Every trader should know when the most important economic data will come out.









In the fundamental analysis, the trader, in contrast to technical analysis, considers the influencing factors that affect the development of exchange rates. First and foremost, economic factors are considered, but certain political events or announcements by central banks are taken into account in the forecast in order to make a trade decision. The disadvantage of the fundamental analysis: Usually the trader focuses on only one influencing size, which can lead to wrong decisions and ultimately to Mistrades. The market often also praises many anticipated economic decisions in advance, so that no reaction of the courses or even a backlash occurs when the event occurs. Moreover, one must be very experienced in interpreting the relevant messages and their impact on the courses. As a trader, one should generally think and act holistically and observe the publication of economic data comprehensively. If, for example, foreign exchange trading assumes that these economic data are to be valued positively for the corresponding currency area, then one can in principle expect a appreciation of the currency. However, the development of a currency is made up of many different factors, which can be difficult to overlook as individuals. As a non-economic expert, it is often not so easy to identify the various connections and to infer from the published economic data conclusions on foreign exchange development. Although there are traders who trade purely fundamentally, many beginners prefer the technical analysis, since it is also possible to successfully trade here with little idea of economic policy contexts. All forex brokers offer business data prepared on their homepage or in specially designed areas, which should be incorporated into their strategy as traders. The first look of the day should also be on the economic calendar with a technically oriented trader, in order to exclude at least the times in which he should not trade.

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