How can I determine if I am eligible for foreign exchange trading?









The best way to check if one is trading forex or CFDs is to Erföffnung a demo account at a forex broker. Some brokers offer temporary access, while others have a limited time limit. On this account you can then safely act with virtual capital and let it recharge every time you have destroyed it again. However, the psychological aspect is lacking, because it is known that it is not real money. If you see your own more or less hard-earned money dwindling or multiplying, this has a very different effect on the pulse and the psyche.


Which forex broker should I choose?


In our forex broker comparison we have looked at only the best and most reputable forex brokers. The table provides a comprehensive overview of the conditions and performance of each broker, such as spread, regulation and location, minimum, MT4 connectivity and margin. Find the broker that best suits your needs and open a free demo account to test the service and order execution.

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