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If you really want to plunge into the exciting world of the Newstrading, you can’t take every X-any broker, because here it depends enormously on the speed of order execution, Slippage and re-quotes. Because news is mostly associated with huge market price reactions. While these key figures are negligible for swing traders or long investors, scalpers and news traders need a fast ECN/STP broker such as FXPRIMUS or GBE brokers, who pipgenau the order and without delay even in volatile market phases in Forward the interbank market.


Giovanni Cicivelli


Some technically oriented traders believe it is not possible to trade profitably only on the basis of economic news. The living rebuttal is the famous and popular Daytrader Giovanni Cicivelli in the Traderszene, whose book Profession (Ung) Daytrader has also received a place in our literature recommendations. Giovanni setting daily massive company reports and is able to read out crucial information for the course of a stock. He trades primarily penny stocks, technical patterns play a subordinate role in his trade decisions. His performance statistics are right. You have to be very fast, because usually you will not have more than 10 seconds to read a message, interpret it correctly and even set off your trade. The crucial information-so Giovanni-is usually at the end of the report and must be taken into consideration if you do not want to go swimming with this form of news trading.

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